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What is a CAPTCHA?

In short, CAPTCHA is a picture with somewhat distorted words and/or numbers, that you need to enter on a web page to register an account, or perform other action. You can read more about the CAPTCHAs in this Wikipedia article

CAPTCHAs are there to prevent automation. If a website wants you to spend time to fill all details in a Web form manually, it would place CAPTCHA on that Web form. Fortunately, there is a workaround that allows to automate CAPTCHAs.

How to automate CAPTCHA entry?

There is a number of companies on the Internet who offer CAPTCHA automation. We call them CAPTCHA services. It works like this: we send CAPTCHA image to the remove server, wait a few seconds - and get the decoded phrase back, ready to be entered into the CAPTCHA box on the Web page. These CAPTCHA services can use sophisticated software to decode the image into the plain text, or just a team of people doing that - it doesn't really matter. What matters is that we do not need to spend time entering the CAPTCHAs manually, and can delegate that to the 3rd party CAPTCHA service. And we call this process Automated CAPTCHA entry.

Automated CAPTCHA entry is not free. CAPTHCA services charge around $2 per 1000 CAPTCHAs. Actual prices may vary greatly, depending on the speed, quality, load factor, availability at different times of the day/week etc.

Our software is designed to use CAPTCHA services for automated CAPTCHA entry.

Our strategy is to support as many CAPTCHA services as possible, on a competitive basis. This strategy offers a number of benefits for our customers:

  • You pay the lowest possible price, because you buy the service directly from the vendor (not from us), and we do not charge anything on top of their prices.
  • We do not monopolize the market and do not give preference to any particular CAPTCHA provider.
  • You are free to select whatever CAPTCHA providers you like to use with the software.
  • If reliability is your concern, you can subscribe to 2 or more CAPTCHA services and configure the software to automatically fall back to the 2nd (3rd, 4th etc) service, should the 1st one be overloaded, go down or have any other issues.
  • We update the list of supported providers regularly, adding new ones and removing obsolete vendors.

Below is the list of some CAPTCHA services that we know:

The list above is in no particular order. It may not be complete (and most certainly it isn't). It may also contain dead links - this market is pretty competitive, CAPTCHA companies tend to come and go. At the time this article was written, our software supported all of the above CAPTCHA services. Please do not take any of these as a recommendation from us. None of them are affiliated with us and we get absolutely no benefits when our customers use them. It also means that we do not monitor how good or bad these services are, and cannot give you any recommendations to use this or that service. You need to do your own research to decide which one fits your needs. If you are new to this and need an advice, we advise that you spend some time in Google, looking for the recent responses from those who used these services. Something like "decaptcher responses" or "humancoder responses" etc. in the Google search box should get you started.

Configuring the software to automate CAPTCHA entry

System-Settings-Captcha services.png

Here is the step-by-step guide:

  1. Decide which CAPTCHA service you want to use. Make sure that it is supported by the software - go to System->Settings in the software and check under the "Captcha services" section - you should see it there.
  2. Go to the website of the CAPTCHA service you selected. The links to the websites you can find above, they are also available on the Settings page in the software, when you click on the corresponding CAPTCHA service. Register there and make a payment. You will be given access credentials to use in the software. Different vendors name these credentials differently - API key, username/password, access code etc.
  3. Enter access credentials on the corresponding settings page. For example, to configure Beat Captchas in the software, you would have to double-click on the Beat Captchas line in the list System->Settings->Captcha services.
  4. Now move your CAPTCHA service up the list (this will give it the highest priority and the software will try to use it before other services), and make sure the box to the left of its name is checked (it means that you enable that service).
  5. Click the "Test it" button and see what happens. If you did everything correctly, you will see how the remote server solved the CAPTCHA automatically for you. If not - you will see error message, telling you what's wrong.