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Sometimes, Facebook will ask you to verify your account by phone to access some of the sensitive configuration details or to remove some of the limits.

The software is able to detect such occasions and has features to fully automate phone verification.

In order to take advantage of this features, you must upload the phone numbers with the corresponding authentication codes to the software. Please go to Main menu->Dictionaries->Phones numbes and add or import your phone numbers there.

If you already have Facebook accounts in the software, you may assign uploaded phone numbers to your Facebook accounts. If you do so, the software will always use a particular phone number with the corresponding Facebook account.

If you do not assign phone numbers to accounts, the software will automatically select random phone number from the list, when it is needed to verify an account. After the verification has succeeded, the software will automatically assign that phone number to Facebook account, and will always use it along with that account only.

Note: phone verification is not to be confused with account validation, which is a completely different matter.