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Installing and starting the software

What operating systems are supported ?

At the moment, we support Microsoft Windows only. The software will not run on MAC OS, Linux, Unix, iOS, Android or other operating systems. However, there is a workaround that may allow you to install and use the software on non-Windows operating systems. This article explains how. You can find out more about other requirements here

Where can I download the latest version ?

Please proceed to this page, you will find the latest version of the software that you can install on your computer.

How can I check if my version is the latest ?

You just need to start the software and look at the bottom left corner. You will see the word Version followed by version number. If it is green - you have the latest version. Red means that there is more recent version available and you should update. You can also click on the Version to see detailed information about your version and the latest version available on the server.

Does it run on my computer, on the cloud, on your website or... ?

The software runs on your computer. It means that:

  • All data you have in the software is kept on your computer. We do not see your data and do not have any access to it.
  • You should back up your data regularly in case something happens to your hard drive or hardware, to prevent data loss.
  • When you move the software from one PC to another, you also have to move the data via Backup/Restore.
  • If you scheduled certain tasks in the software, you must keep it running for these tasks to complete. If you close the software or turn off your computer - the software can't do its job.

Demo version & Licensing

We have a fully functional demo version for you to test. All features are available in the Demo without restrictions. There is no time limit for the demo - you can evaluate the software for a month or for 10 years if you need. However, the number of times you can use certain features is limited. For example, you can create only so many accounts with the demo, or scrape so many pictures etc. Once the limit is reached - the demo will stop working.

Registering for the demo

To register for the demo, you just need to download and install the software. On the first start, it will ask you to register. Please do so and you will get confirmation code into your E-mail box. Once you confirm your account, our server will automatically enable demo license for your account and you can start using the software. There is no need to additionally apply for the demo or take any other steps.

Difference between Demo and Paid license

Demo version of the software is fully functional. This means that every feature in the software is available for testing, and there are no hidden or disabled features. The paid version of the software looks and behaves exactly the same way as the demo version. However, there are 2 differences between the Demo and the Paid licenses:

  1. Demo license restricts the number of times you can use certain features. For example, you can create only so many accounts with the demo, and then it expires. Paid version has no such restrictions, and there are no limits of any kind when running under the Paid license. It means that you can create as many accounts as you need and as often as you need, send as many messages as you need, scrape as many pictures as you need etc. Your only limit is your hardware, Internet speed and your IP solution.
  2. Demo license can be used on any computer (i.e. you can install the software on computer X and register for the demo, then install it on the computer Y and log in under the same account - you will still be able to use it). The only condition is that you do not run more than 1 copy of the software at the same time under the same login (our server won't allow that). The Paid license is linked to a certain computer and when you purchase a license from us, you will receive activation code that is valid for 1 computer. It does *not* mean that you loose the license if something happens to that computer, no. You will just need to de-activate the license and activate it on a different computer using the same activation code.

Moving Paid license to another computer

If your computer hardware changed, or if you need to move your license to a different computer, you can easily do that, here is how:

  1. Log in to the software on any computer and click on the [My Account] -> [Account details] in the Main menu, then go to [Licenses]
  2. Find your paid license in the list and click "Deactivate" button
  3. Start the software on the computer where you need to run it, log in and click [My Account] -> [Activate License]. Paste your activation code (available in the activation E-mail message that you received from us after your purchase) into the box and click OK.

All features of the software will be enabled immediately.

Can the software do this:

Change my IP address ?

Yes, we support many different methods to change your IP address. This article explains in great detail how to use IP changing features of the software. All kinds of proxies are supported, of course (all known flavors of HTTP and Socks 4/5)

Lock IP address to a particular account ?

Yes, this is the preferred setup if you use proxies. You can bind proxies to Facebook accounts, and the software will always access that account using its proxy.

Solve CAPTCHAs automatically ?

Yes, it can. Many different CAPTCHA solving methods are supported by the software. This article explains how to set up Automated CAPTCHA entry

Clear cache/cookies/history ?

Yes, it does that automatically when needed. This article explains how exactly the software manages cookies. And if you wanted to know whether it also recognizes flash cookies/local storage/session storage - yes, it does that too. See the same article for details.

Bypass phone verification ?

No, the software cannot "bypass" phone verification in the sense that if Facebook asks to supply phone number and verification code - you must do that and there is no way around, whether you work with accounts manually or via some other software. However, the software can assist you with 2 things:

  1. Minimize phone verification requests. Facebook asks for phone verification whenever it suspects that a single person may be creating multiple accounts. Our software can help you with IP rotation, cache/cookies management and other techniques that make it look like the accounts are created by different people, from different computers. The only variable that the software cannot control is the quality of IP addresses. So if you supply good IP addresses that have not been used to create many Facebook accounts before, good chances are that you will never see phone verification prompts.
  2. If getting phone:code pairs is not a problem for you - the software can help you to completely automate phone verification process. All you need to do is load phone numbers and codes into the software, the rest will be taken care of automatically. You can read more here

Run many tasks at once (multi-threading) ?

Yes, multithreading is fully supported. Almost any task in the software can be scheduled, queued and executed in parallel with other tasks. Tasks of the same type can be parallelized as well (for example, creating multiple accounts, validating multiple proxies etc). Browser-based tasks can run in parallel, too (for example, the software can easily open 10 browser windows and use separate proxy in each window). This article explains how it works.

Run tasks on schedule ?

Yes, almost any task can be scheduled via a sophisticated scheduling feature, allowing you to run the task periodically over the given intervals, or at the specific times hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc. Very complex scenarios are supported. The feature is covered in detail here

How do I do this ?

Move item from one campaign to another ?

You can easily do that via Bulk update feature. All you need to do is select the items you want moved (be it proxies, E-mail accounts or any other items), then right-click and select Bulk update from the drop down menu. From there, select destination campaign and click OK. All selected items will appear in the selected campaign.

Export invalid proxies to send them for replacement ?

This can be done in just a few simple clicks, you will find step by step procedure in this article

Load the list of friend IDs from the text file ?

That can be done via Import feature in the list of people. Given the list of Facebook IDs, adding them as friends to your Facebook accounts is a 2-step procedure:

  • First, go to the "People" tab in the software and import these IDs. Importing from the text or Excel file is standard across the software, and you can find the example how to do that here: Importing (although the example is for proxies, importing people IDs is very similar)
  • Second, go to the Add Facebook friends wizard, select the accounts that should be adding friends, and the list of people whom you just imported. Click OK and that should be all you need to do.

Sort the list of Facebook IDs by gender, locale and other fields ?

If you have a list of Facebook IDs, it is possible to have the software inquire Facebook about different parameters of these IDs (such as gender, name, locale and others) and then export these parameters to external file (or files), or use them inside the software.

Here is the step-by-step guide to obtain a set of files, each containing the list of Facebook IDs of certain gender and locale.

  1. Prepare the list of Facebook IDs as a simple text file, where each ID will be placed on a separate line. There must be no prefix, just the ID itself, like this: 100003486811646 (or username, like Billy.Gates.9)
  2. Import this text file into the list of personal profiles in the software (under the People tab), using $fbid for Import template
  3. Select all imported IDs, right-click and choose Facebook tasks->Validate Facebook IDs. The software will contact Facebook to see if it can obtain basic information about each of the selected IDs. In the event of failure, corresponding ID will be marked in red (disabled) - this can happen if the ID does not exist or does not allow to collect information about itself. Validation will provide only basic information about the ID. If you need more detailed information - you can use the Profile synchronization feature
  4. Once you have all personal profiles ready with the information you need, click Export/Import data->Export data on the toolbar in the list of personal profiles. This article explains in detail how to set up export to the text file. On the last page of the data export wizard, select "Export to multiple files", and in the field below specify the path to the folder where you want the files exported, along with the fields to use for sorting the data. For example, if you would like to export your IDs to the folder c:\profiles\, and have the software place profiles of different genders into separate files, you can use the following template:

With this template, the software will create the file c:\profiles\male.txt and place all male IDs into that file, and will also create the file c:\profiles\female.txt, and will place all female IDs into that file. Multiple fields may be combined in the template. For example, this template


will place all English-speaking guys into the file c:\profiles\male-en_US.txt, all French-speaking girls into the file c:\profiles\female-fr_FR.txt, etc.

The list of fields you can use in the file template is the same that is allowed for export template, available on the second page of the Data export wizard.

Like and then un-like a fan page ?

  1. Add the page you want to work with using its Facebook ID under Facebook->Fan pages tab in the software. You can easily find out the ID of the page by looking at its URL, usually it is the first component of the path right after For example, the ID of the fan page is geico.
  2. Right-click the added Fan page under Facebook->Fan pages tab in the software and select "Like fan pages". Select the account or accounts that you want to use for liking and click "Next" to start liking this fan page. You can switch to the Home tab in the software to watch the process.
  3. When the page has been liked by all of the accounts, you will see new items under the Facebook->All likes tab in the software. Each item corresponds to a single click of "Like" button from certain account on the fan page.
  4. If you want to un-like these likes, select them under Facebook->All likes tab in the software, right-click and choose Unlike. The software will click "Un-like" button on the fan page from each account that liked this fan page before. After the page has been un-liked, the corresponding items will be automatically removed from the Facebook->All likes tab in the software.

Scrape people who liked a specific story (wall post) or commented on it ?

First of all, you need to have the link to the Facebook story that you want to work with. We will take this link for example: Notice that the link has a Facebook ID of the story - 538538536183390. Now, you need to go to Facebook->Stories tab in the software add add new story with this ID. Then, go to Main menu->Wizards->Facebook->Find Facebook Friends, in the Search Method box select "Likers/commenters", click Configure button and select the story that you added. You will also need to select the account to use for this scrape and enter number of friends you want to scrape.

Help and recommendations

Optimal IP solution for the software

This section also covers similar questions, such as:

  • Can you recommend a specific IP solution to use?
  • Which IP solution is the best?
  • Can you recommend proxy list/proxy service to use?
  • What IP solution is used by others?

Unfortunately, we cannot give an answer to any of these questions. Here are the reasons:

  1. Our customer base is so large, if we start recommending a particular IP solution - everyone will start using it, and Facebook will just ban their IPs. It is good when people use different IP solutions.
  2. There is no such thing as optimal IP solution. If there was one - we would not be confusing our clients and would not be supporting so many different IP solutions. Instead, we would have implemented just the "optimal" one. But we did not do that, and not because we are evil or stupid. Rather because each IP solution has advantages and drawbacks and it should be customer's decision which one to choose for their needs. We can only show you which IP solutions are supported and explain their pros and cons. This article covers all supported IP solutions in detail.
  3. We are not affiliated with any of the IP solution services, we do not have our own proxy lists, we do not provide IPs by any other means and we never will. We only develop and sell the software, and it will always stay this way. Because of this, can't guarantee to our clients that certain IP solution will work for their needs. Simply because we do not control any any IP solution. Let's suppose we picked 3 the most popular proxy providers, tested their proxies and found them working and started recommending them. In a couple of days the first provider went out of business and did not deliver paid orders. The second one decided that they already made enough money (because everyone went to buy their proxies due to our recommendation) and ran with the client's money. The third one was much more reliable and delivered all orders as promised. But their proxies suddenly stopped working (again, because so many users started to use them at once). Now ask yourself, if you were that client who purchased the proxies from one of these 3 guys (or worse - from all), by our recommendation. Whom are you going to blame? You are going to blame us because we recommended. You are going to demand your money (or working proxies) from us - simply because these 3 guys will not respond. That is why we will never recommend anyone. And if someone tells you that we recommended someone - that is a scam for sure.

So what can you do? You need to read and learn about available IP solutions, perform your own due diligence an select the IP solution you like, on your own. Or maybe based on the recommendation of some other person/company who are ready to take the blame if something doesn't work out. Our job is give you the widest possible selection of IP rotation methods. But the selection must be yours, we cannot select for you.