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About the software

FriendBomber is designed to help you organize and manage multiple Facebook accounts efficiently. We developed this software for online marketers, who realize the potential of social networks and want to take advantage of it. FriendBomber comes with a long list of various features, to satisfy the most demanding professionals. For beginners, we offer a number of wizards, built into to the software, to help you learn and understand how things work, step by step.

Getting started

For the most impatient, who like to "touch and feel" before reading anything, we offer free fully functional demo. You can download it here and now and start playing. No credit card is required.

If you don't mind taking some time to read and understand what's going on here, please check out our list of the most frequently asked questions.

If you are a PRO and just need to find out what the software is capable of, please keep on reading or jump directly to the Features section.

Finally, we have some videos for you to watch, showing how the software works, here they are

Features and functions