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This feature allows to click Like button on the selected Web sites from the selected Facebook accounts, leave comments on such web sites and also like/reply specific comments on such web sites.


Before using this feature, please make sure you have the following:

  1. At least one validated Facebook account - your Like buttons will be pushed from within this account (or accounts)
  2. Web sites with Like buttons. These need to be set up in advance under Facebook->Web sites to like tab in the software. You need to enter the URL of the Web site that contains Facebook Like button on it (placed via Facebook social plugin). If you would like the software to act upon the specific comment on that website (like or reply to it) instead of acting upon the whole website, then you also need to enter that comment's ID in the "Comment ID" box of the URL properties. You can find the ID of the comment by hovering mouse pointer over the date and time of the comment. You will see the parameter "fb_comment_id". Here is the example:

In this example, the URL that should go into the "URL of the web page" box is, and the comment identifier is fbc_618610628167097_6802185_622810107747149.

How to use this feature

There are several ways to start the wizard:

  • go to Main menu->Wizards->Facebook and click on the corresponding wizard.
  • go to the list of Facebook accounts (Facebook->Accounts tab), select accounts, right-clik the mouse and under the Bulk tasks select the wizard
  • go to the list of Web sites (Facebook->Web sites to like tab), select Web sites, right-clik the mouse and select the wizard

Once in the wizard, you need to specify one or more Facebook accounts (if you haven't already done so under Facebook->Accounts tab). If you specify multiple accounts, then the Web sites will be "Like'd" from all of the accounts.

Next, you will need to select the Web site (or multiple websites) - if you haven't already done so under Facebook->Web sites to like tab

Finally, you can set the Schedule for this task. If left empty, the task will start immediately, as soon as you click "Finish" button. Otherwise, it will be scheduled to run at the time (or times) of your choice. This article covers scheduling feature in detail.

This feature creates a Bulk task. Please read more about bulk tasks and how to manage them here

Processing algorithm

  1. The software will start as many threads as Facebook accounts you have designated for this task.
  2. In each thread, the software will log in to the corresponding Facebook account.
  3. In each thread, the software will navigate to the first Web site on the list.
  4. If there is a Facebook widget with the Like button on the Web site, and it hasn't been clicked already from the corresponding account, the software will click that Like button. If you entered comment ID in the URL properties, the software will attempt to like that specific comment (if it is visible on the site) instead of liking the site itself.
  5. If there is an "Add a comment..." box on the Web site and you selected the message for commenting and number of comments in the wizard, the software will comment on the article specified number of times, spinning the selected message on each comment. If you entered comment ID in the URL properties, the software will attempt to reply to that specific comment (if it is visible on the site) instead of commenting the site itself.
  6. The next Web site will be selected from the list and the steps will repeat starting from #3 until all Web sites have been processed