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This feature allows to make all selected Facebook accounts friends. In other words, if you select accounts X, Y and Z, then account X will add Y and Z as friends, account Y will add X and Z and account Z will add X and Y


Before using this feature, please make sure you have the following:

  1. Two or more validated Facebook accounts - these accounts will be used to make friends.

How to use this feature

  • from the Main menu->Wizards->Facebook
  • from the list of Facebook accounts in the software (Facebook->Accounts tab), right-clicking the mouse.

Once in the wizard, it will ask you to select Facebook accounts to make friends.

Finally, you can set the Schedule for this task. If left empty, the task will start immediately, as soon as you click "Finish" button. Otherwise, it will be scheduled to run at the time (or times) of your choice. This article covers scheduling feature in detail.

This feature creates a Bulk task. Please read more about bulk tasks and how to manage them here