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Picture scraper allows you to download and organize profile pictures of random people on the Internet for the Identity generator or for any other needs.

You can access picture scraper wizard from the Main menu->Wizards.

There may be one or more scraping methods available, you can select the one you like from the drop-down box in the wizard. The method you selected may or may not allow advanced settings to refine your search (such as restrict the age of the people on the pictures, specify their gender, location etc).

Next, you need to enter the keywords to search for. Usually you would enter the given name here. If the scraping method does not support filtering by gender in the advanced settings, then you can get pictures of the gender you need by specifying the given name of that gender. For example, if you are looking for female pictures, then entering "Mary" in the Keywords field will definitely increase your odds of getting the pictures of girls vs. guys.

Then of course you need to tell the wizard how many pictures you want.

Finally, the wizard wants to know what to do with the pictures. You have the following options:

  • Put links into the token variations. You can read more about tokens here. This will be pretty fast, because the software will not have to download each picture, just save a link to it.
  • Save links to the text file. Each link will appear on a separate line. If the file exists already, it will be appended.
  • Save the pictures to the folder on disk. This will take a little longer, because each picture will be actually downloaded. You will need to specify the target folder, of course.

Once you are done with the setup, click Next button and the process will start...