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This feature allows to upload information about the Facebook account holder from the software to Facebook, and also to download the information from Facebook to the software.

If you are not familiar with the concept of Personal profiles in the software, we advise that you study this article first, it will help you understand synchronization feature better.


Before using this feature, please make sure you have the following:

  1. One or more validated Facebook accounts - personal information from these accounts will be downloaded to the software, or uploaded from the software to these accounts, depending on the synchronization settings that you specify in the wizard.
  2. Facebook profiles - these are needed if you want to upload personal information to the Facebook accounts. If you only wish to download the information from Facebook accounts to the software database, then you do not need to specify these, they will be created automatically during the download.

When to use this feature

  • When you need to populate a new Facebook account with realistic personal information. For example, if you generated some personal profiles using our Identity generator, and now want to upload that information to an existing Facebook account (you must of course have access to that account, that is, valid username and the password).
  • When you made some changes to the personal profile of the Facebook account in the software, and want these changes to be reflected in the Facebook account.
  • When you want to load personal information from the Facebook account to the software database.
  • When there were changes in the Facebook account (on the Facebook Web site), and you want to make sure these changes are reflected in the software.

How to use this feature

Synchronization wizard may be invoked using one of the following methods:

  • from the Main menu->Wizards->Facebook
  • from the list of Facebook accounts in the software (Facebook->Accounts tab), right-clicking the mouse.

Once in the wizard, it will ask you to select Facebook accounts to synchronize. You can specify one or many. If you specify many accounts, the software will run synchronization for them using multiple threads, in parallel. If the wizard was started from the Facebook->Accounts tab, then the list of accounts will already be populated according to your selection.

Next, you need to tell the software whether you want to upload personal details, download them, or do both. There are two boxes to control that - one for Inbound synchronization (that is, downloading information from Facebook to the software), the other one - for outbound synchronization (or uploading).

Inbound synchronization box offers the following options:

  • Load X friends - tells the software to load friends from each account (but not more than X)
  • Load Y profile pictures - tells the software to load pictures attached to that profile (but not more that Y)
  • Full-size pictures - if not checked, only the thumbnails will be loaded (faster). If checked, both thumbnails and full-size pictures will be loaded (slower)
  • Groups - if checked, all groups that this account is a member of, will be loaded into the software

Outbound synchronization box has the following options:

  • Profile information - will enable upload of all information stored in the personal profile for that account to Facebook.
  • Profile picture - will also upload profile picture (otherwise only text details will be uploaded)

Finally, you can set the Schedule for this task. If left empty, the task will start immediately, as soon as you click "Finish" button. Otherwise, it will be scheduled to run at the time (or times) of your choice. This article covers scheduling feature in detail.

This feature creates a Bulk task. Please read more about bulk tasks and how to manage them here

Synchronization algorithm

Below are the steps that the software takes during synchronization:

  1. Logs in to Facebook account that needs to be synchronized
  2. Navigates to the "Edit profile" (or "Edit timeline") tab of the Facebook account and reads every piece of the information available there.
  3. If Load X friends option is specified, navigates to the list of friends in that Facebook account and adds new personal profile for each friend to the software (they will become available in the "Friends" tab under "People" in the software)
  4. If Load Y profile pictures is specified, navigates to the list of pictures of that Facebook account and obtains the links to the thumbnails
  5. If Full-size pictures box is checked, clicks on each thumbnail to get the links to the actual picture.
  6. If Outbound synchronization->Profile information box is checked, compares every piece of information obtained during step 2 with the local personal profile (in the software). For each piece that is different, navigates to the corresponding editor in the Facebook account and changes that information. For example, if local personal profile says that the person was born in Texas, but in the Facebook account it says something else (or doesn't say anything at all), the software will click the "Home town" link in the personal profile, and will change whatever city is there to Texas. The final goal is to push as much information as possible from the local personal profile to Facebook account. In some cases, Facebook will not accept certain pieces of information. For example, if it thinks that certain city name is incorrect, or some language or religion does not exist etc. In this case the corresponding piece of information will not be uploaded.
  7. If Outbound synchronization->Profile picture box is checked, will also attempt to push profile picture from the software to Facebook. It is quite complicated to determine whether certain picture already exists in that profile, and the software doesn't attempt to check that. If you said to upload profile picture, the software will always do so, even if such picture already exists in the account, so use this feature with care.
  8. Finally, the software reads all information from the Facebook account again (like in step 2) and stores all that information in the corresponding personal profile locally, in the software database. If there was no personal profile attached to the Facebook account, a new one will be created and automatically bound to the account. This step is needed because in many cases Facebook will re-interpret the information in its own way. For example, when you specify Paoli for the home town field in Facebook, it will show how smart it is and will save it as Paoli, Indiana instead. So the software must acknowledge that slight change, in order to be able to run further synchronizations correctly.