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This feature may be used if you want to upload pictures to different areas of the selected Facebook accounts.

It is possible to upload profile pictures, cover photos and post pictures on the wall.

If you need to set profile picture for a particular Facebook account (or accounts), a better way to do that would be via the profile synchronization feature, because it allows to upload not only the picture, but also many more personal details.


Before using this feature, please make sure you have the following:

  1. At least one validated Facebook account - picture(s) will be uploaded to this account(s).
  2. Optionally - profile pictures on disk or list of links to the pictures on the Internet

How to use this feature

There are several ways to start the wizard:

  • go to Main menu->Wizards->Facebook and click on the corresponding wizard.
  • go to the list of Facebook accounts (Facebook->Accounts tab), select the ones you need, right-clik the mouse and under the Bulk tasks select the wizard

Once in the wizard, you need to specify one or more Facebook accounts (if you haven't already done so by starting the wizard from the Facebook->Accounts tab). If you specify multiple accounts, pictures will be uploaded to them in parallel.

Next, you will need to select the source of the pictures. The options are:

  • Scrape profile pictures - the software will automatically fetch random pictures from the Internet. Read more about this feature here
  • Text file - you can supply plain text file with the links to the pictures.
  • Directory on disk - the software will select random images from this directory
  • Token - the software will expect token variations to contain links to the pictures. Read more about tokens here

You can also select upload destination:

  • Profile picture - will appear under person's profile details
  • Wall post - will appear on the person's wall
  • Cover photo - will appear at the top of the person's timeline, on the background

Finally, you can set the Schedule for this task. If left empty, the task will start immediately, as soon as you click "Finish" button. Otherwise, it will be scheduled to run at the time (or times) of your choice. This article covers scheduling feature in detail.

This feature creates a Bulk task. Please read more about bulk tasks and how to manage them here